We can help you Custom Alterations
We can help you Custom Alterations
We specialize in altering clothes for both men and women. Ready made garments generally require alterations and we are the best service providers in this field.
We can come to you Perfect Fittings
We can come to you Perfect Fittings
Alterations is just one aspect of our services but we majorly qualify ourselves as Bespoke Tailors and are one of the best in this market. From suits to trousers to shirts and even ties we can stitch anything.
Express service Style Consultations
Express service Style Consultations
Different people have different needs and we understand that very well. We always keep ourselves updated with what’s in vogue and accordingly present remarkable designs for our customers.
Double-quality control Personalization
Double-quality control Personalization
We help our clients to personalize what they wear with sexy cufflinks or by printing their initials on their clothes .
Tailored suits
Tailored shirts

How we began

Victroy Bespoke Textile and Tailoring established in the year 2010, has very rapidly expanded its outreach in various market segments and verticals which has made us one of the market leaders in the industry. Our product range is extremely diverse and we supply everything that our customers require in relation to clothing. Our services include all sorts of stitching whether it be suits, trousers, shirts, T-shirts or even alterations. Moreover, we are specialised in manufacturing ties, bows and cummerbund.

We understand the need of our customers and work extremely hard to provide them the best services because we understand the simple concept of business that businesses thrive because of customers. This attitude has made us successful and we have worked with people in every industry from real estate to engineering to insurance and saloons. We have clients in every sector.

We currently have the best team of tailors who are the underlying basis of our differentiated products and services. It’s because of these high premium best quality products that we have got the opportunity to work with myriad prestigious firms.

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